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Artane Audio


We at Artane Audio supply and operate professional conference equipment  for International conferences all over the world and maintain our company slogan of

                                                “Conference Excellence”

We have organized and operated every kind of conference you can think of from EU International conferences with 14 languages, Large  AGM's ,Heads of State meetings right down to local conferences with 10 or less people.

We have also installed Permanent conference rooms catered to the demands of each individual customer.

 Artane Audio provides not only a professional service but a personal one too. With 24 Hour Assistance We believe in looking after all your minor details as well as the major ones.

Artane Audio uses all the latest digital equipment including Interpretation consoles , microphones and Headsets .

Take the worry out of organising a conference we can make it not only work for you but make your Conference a success.

 If you require anymore information please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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